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 From the 14th to the 20th of January 2010 the Tver Konyaev college received a students’ delegation from the Lapland vocational college, specialty “Tourism” (Finland, Rovaniemi). Program of delegation’s stay included meetings and excursions. So guests visited the tourists centre “Emmaus Volga club”, met with representation from Tourism committee of the Tver region, with the chairman of Tourism association Sheremetker I.V., with the society leader of Tver Karelians Turichev N.A. A large excursions program was organized for students: Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, goldsewing factory in Torzhok, a factory of fir-tree toys in Klin, visit caves in Staritsa and museum of Tver Mode of life.
At the end there was held a meeting where problems of the further corporation between the Tver and the Lapland colleges in the field of international educational tourism. Students from our college who came back from Lapland from practical training, specialty “Tourism manager” took part in the meeting. Our students worked at travel firms and souvenirs shops, served holiday makers and improved their English during 3 weeks.
Practice was held during so called peak season in Christmas holidays when many Europeans are eager to visit the Santa Claus village. Students got professional certificates of students’ choice for participation in international work on probation, requirements of employers, perspectives of theoretical training of our students abroad. Communication language of Russian and Finnish students became English Russian students thanked the principal of the Lapland vocational college Pertti Lakkala and the project leader Esa Sakkinen for an opportunity to have work on probation in Lapland.

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