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The Tver Konyaev college is a contest conquer in realization of national project "Educations".
In February 2008 our college was the only among institutions of vocational education which made a request for participation in the national project "Educations".
The subject of innovation progrm is "Inprovement of specialists training in the field of welding, technological processes automatization, machine-building and autoservice for enterprises of Tver region.
On the 28-th of March there were sumed the results.
The project got a very high appreciation of federal expert comission.
250 college took part in the contest, 25 among them became conquers, the Tver Konyaev college took the 12-th place.
There is systematized an experience of college's activity in studying labourmarket;
participation in working out new standards (specialities "Machine - building technology, "Welding").
there was assimilated the technology of module programs.
Aims of innovation educational program corresponding the employers' requirements:
1. to provide students with professional, social and communicative competence
2. to take into considaration employers' requirements and to respoud to production changing
3. to provide college's material base with modern technological equipment
4. to collaborate in the field of modern technologies: college - employer, equipment manufacturer, high school.
The project has won thank assistance of the head of Tver region D.V. Zelenin, the head of education A.A. Kasprzhak, of the Tver Trade - industrial chamber and social partners: OOO "Lada - Style", OAO "Centrosvar", OAO "Centovamash" association TAPTO.

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