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Specialty  190604 “Car service and car repair”

On the 15-th -16-th of April 2010  there was held the 3-d Region Olympiad of  professional skill (specialty 190604 “Car service and car repair”) at the Tver Konyaev college.
18 students from 9 secondary vocational institutions from Tver, Rzhev, Torzhok, Kimry, Kalyazin, V.Volochyokand Bologoe took part in this Olympiad.
There were 6 rounds in Olympiad.
The aims were: check the level of students’ training in the field of car service and car repair,
Development of creative abilities,
Atmosphere of contest fight,
Aspiration to the victory,
Creative carrying out professional tasks.
The jury members were the teachers from colleges, the chairman of jury was the director of  enterprise TAPTO Savchenko I.I.
The fourth year student from the Tver Konyaev college Potyomkin P.R.took the first place in personal test, the second place was taken by the 4-th-year student of the Tver Konyaev college ProkhorovA.A., student from the Torzhok polytechnical college took the third place.
All winners got deeds and valuable presents.
Potyomkin P.R. got an invitation from general director of enterprise “Avtograd” Trebukhin A.V. to work there . He was recommended to participate in the Allrussian Olympiad in Dmitrov, Moscow region.
The participants of Olympiad marked the high level of contests’ arrangement and material-technical equipment at the Tver Konyaev college.



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